England and Australasia [poem by Percy Russell, 22 April 1885]

[Editor: A poem by Percy Russell, an English author, regarding Australian support for Britain’s war in the Sudan. Published in The Manaro Mercury, 22 April 1885.] England and Australasia. Who said that England stood alone Amid unnumbered foes, Her strength decayed, her fortunes flown, Her glory near its close? While o’er the ocean grandly comes […]

Britannia’s Volunteers [song, 12 September 1885]

Britannia’s Volunteers. When air resounds with war’s alarms, And conscripts from afar, Like driven sheep are forced to arms To make aggressive war, Let soldier-ridden lands beware When freemen turn to fight; When Britain’s sons their flag may bear They stand with Freedom’s might. They laugh to scorn our numbers, And say our day is […]