God Bless Australia [song, 5 October 1929]

God Bless Australia!

Air: “God Save the King!”

By William J. MacDonald.

God bless Australia grand!
God bless our native land,
Our land we love!
Free may she ever be,
And all united we,
Our Flag of Liberty
Floating above!

Be she a happy land;
Foes, if they come, withstand;
Friend of the world;
To all a shining light,
And with a future bright,
Under the sign of right —
Her flag unfurled!

Spacious and fair her plains,
Noble her mountain chains,
Splendid her state!
True to Australia, we
Worthy of her will be;
Worthy her destiny,
Glorious and great!

The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA), Saturday 5 October 1929, page 17

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