Australian federation: The Natives’ Conference [22 January 1890]

[Editor: This article was published in The Australian Star (Sydney), 22 January 1890.] Australian federation. The Natives’ Conference. Melbourne, Wednesday. The Australian Natives’ Conference was resumed to-day. The principal business was moving the federation resolution. This was done by Mr. N. Melville, M.L.A., New South Wales, who moved that — “The federation of the Australian […]

Summary of news [17 November 1896]

[Editor: Extracts from news items published in The West Australian, 17 November 1896.] Summary of news A sub-committee of the Perth and Fremantle Chambers of Commerce has recommended that the following days be omitted from the list of public holidays:— The day following New Year’s Day, January 26 (foundation of Australia), Whit Monday, January 28 […]

Federation [poem, 29 September 1900]

[Editor: A poem published in The Northern Star, 29 September 1900.] Federation. October 1st, 1900. No sound of war, no din of strife Re-echoed at thy birth, But calm in peace thy star arose Thou last-born of the earth. Unsevered still, the tie that knits Earth’s greatest land with thee; The brightest gem in England’s […]