Australian federation: The Natives’ Conference [22 January 1890]

[Editor: This article was published in The Australian Star (Sydney), 22 January 1890.]

Australian federation.

The Natives’ Conference.

Melbourne, Wednesday.

The Australian Natives’ Conference was resumed to-day. The principal business was moving the federation resolution.

This was done by Mr. N. Melville, M.L.A., New South Wales, who moved that — “The federation of the Australian colonies is now desirable.” Speaking to the resolution in a powerful speech, he called attention to the strides Australia had made in every direction, and contended that a Federal Parliament should have power to deal with the unoccupied territory of this vast island. He was sure that in a few years Australia must control the South Sea Islands. The time had certainly arrived for the federation of the colonies.

Mr. B. B. Nicoll, M.L.A., New South Wales, in supporting the resolution, declared that New South Wales would sink the question of the Customs tariff on the greater question of Australian federation.

Mr. Maley, from West Australia, said that a responsible government for his colony must precede federation.

Ultimately the resolution was carried amid great cheering. The conference then adjourned for the day.

The Australian Star (Sydney, NSW), 22 January 1890, p. 6

Editor’s notes:
M.L.A. = Member of the Legislative Assembly

sink = submerge; put aside, keep in the background, ignore, suppress; to cause something to fail

[Editor: The original text has been separated into paragraphs.]

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