P. R. Stephensen

Percy Reginald Stephensen was an author, poet, editor and publisher. He is regarded as a major figure in the push for Australian cultural nationalism, a reputation especially earned with the publication of his book, The Foundations of Culture in Australia (1936). He commonly signed his articles as “P. R. Stephensen”; although, on the lighter side, […]

A. G. Stephens

Alfred George Stephens was an editor and publisher, as well as being an author, literary critic, and poet. He is regarded as a major figure in Australia’s literary history, having encouraged a large number of Australian authors (including the editing and publishing of many of their works), as well as being prominent as a critic. […]

Bernard O’Dowd

Bernard O’Dowd was an Australian poet, born on 11 April 1866 at Beaufort, Victoria (north-west of Ballarat). O’Dowd had some of his early poetry published in the Ballarat Courier newspaper. He also contributed poetry to The Bulletin magazine. His poetical works were published in several books during his lifetime. Bernard O’Dowd’s poetry received some critical […]

Edwin Greenslade Murphy (“Dryblower”)

[Editor: This article provides biographical information about Edwin Greenslade Murphy (“Dryblower”); for various works by him, click here.] Edwin Greenslade Murphy, who wrote under the name of “Dryblower”, was a popular author and poet, especially in the state of Western Australia. He worked for The Sunday Times in Perth (WA), for over 37 years, contributing […]

John Lynch

John Lynch was a surveyor, author, gold digger, and one of the leaders of the Eureka Rebellion at Ballarat in 1854. Lynch was born at Ennis, County Clare, Ireland, on 25 December 1828. He came to Australia in 1852 as part of the 1850s gold rush, arrived at Bendigo in March 1853, and was present […]