The Australasian League [5 February 1851]

[Editor: An article about the founding of the Australasian League, which was established to oppose the transportation of convicts into Australia. Published in Launceston Examiner, 5 February 1851.] The Australasian League. It affords us unmingled satisfaction to lay before our readers the formal document adopted at Melbourne, the capital of Victoria, on the fifteenth anniversary […]

Something like the old times [10 May 1851]

[Editor: An article which shows one of the negative aspects of living as a free person in a society which uses convict labour. Published in The Sydney Morning Herald, 10 May 1851.] Something like the old times. — A labouring man, who stated that his name was Daniel Collins, was yesterday brought before Captain Browne […]

Noon in the Forest at Midsummer [poem by Charles Harpur, 27 May 1851]

[Editor: A poem by Charles Harpur (1813-1868), published in The Empire, 27 May 1851. This poem has also been published as “Noon in the Australian Forest”, “A Mid Summer Noon in the Forest”, and “A Midsummer Noon in the Australian Forest”.] Noon in the Forest at Midsummer. Not a bird disturbs the air, There is […]

Colonial loyalty [13 February 1851]

[Editor: An article discussing the possibility of independence for the Australian colonies from Britain. Published in The Empire, 13 February 1851.] Colonial loyalty. If emotions of affection or fidelity can only be sounded in their depths, and the genuineness of these feelings only safely tested by hardship and adversity, then is the loyalty of England’s […]

Songs for the Miners. No. IV. [song, 30 May 1851]

[Editor: One of a series of “Songs for the Miners” published in The Empire, 1851.] Songs for the Miners. No. IV. [Our late Devil was overheard singing the following song the last thing before he started for the Diggings.] Believe me, if all those enticing long yams, Which I hear the boys spinning to-day, Were […]