City election [the Rev. John Lang talks about Australia as a future empire, 9 September 1851]

[Editor: This brief article, an extract from the news section of the The Sydney Morning Herald of 9 September 1851, mentions the ideas of John Dunmore Lang for Australia’s future.]

CITY ELECTION. — A very full meeting of Cook Ward Electors was held yesterday evening, at the Happy Vale Hotel, South Head Road, for the purpose of hearing a statement of views and opinions on political subjects, from the Rev. Dr. Lang.

The chair having been taken by Mr. James, builder, of South Head Road, Dr. Lang proceeded to address the meeting, which he did at very great length. He referred as before to the Electoral Act, the Land Regulations, and other points.

An increase in the number of representatives for the city, ought, he contended, to be insisted upon, and in the event of its being refused on any pretext, they would then have an excellent ground of complaint to the Imperial Government as to the inefficiency and injustice of the present system of colonial administration — a complaint, which at the present juncture, would command much more attention than could ever before have been hoped for.

As to colonial defences he would refuse to vote any funds for this purpose until the colony should obtain free institutions, in the true constitutional sense of the term.

He was favourable to an extended postal reform, and to a repeal of the impost upon newspapers. As to the questions of education, legislative reform, the franchise, and the control of waste lands, Dr. Lang expressed similar opinions to those which he had formerly given utterance to.

He spoke also of the high destinies of Australia as a future empire, which would include within its dominion, and the protection of its flag, not only Australasia Proper, but the rich Islands of the Indian Archipelago.

The Doctor was well received.

The Sydney Morning Herald (Sydney, NSW), Tuesday 9 September 1851, page 2

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