Mary Gilmore

Mary Gilmore (née Cameron) was a poet, author, journalist, and social campaigner. She is especially well-known for her two most famous poems, “No Foe Shall Gather Our Harvest” (1940) and “Nationality” (1942), both written during the Second World War. She was born at the property “Merry Vale”, Woodhouselee (north of Goulburn), New South Wales, on […]

Professor Ernest Scott

Ernest Scott was born in Northampton, England, on 21 June 1867, and migrated to Australia in 1892. He worked as a journalist for the Globe (London, UK) and then for The Herald (Melbourne, Vic.). Scott then became a Hansard writer for the Victorian parliament, and then the Commonwealth parliament. As an avid history buff, Scott […]

Agnes Neale

Agnes Neale, who wrote under the pen name of Caroline Agnes Leane, was an author and poet who lived in South Australia. Neale was born on 5 January 1849 in Cornwall, England, and came to Australia with her family when she was three years old. She died on 22 September 1892 in Adelaide, South Australia. […]

Mary Eliza Fullerton

Mary Eliza Fullerton was born on 14 May 1868 in Glenmaggie, Victoria. She wrote twelve books (six under her own name) and numerous poems. Her later books of poetry were published under the pseudonym of “E”, as she suspected that her work would otherwise suffer from prejudice, due to her being a female writer. She […]

Michael Massey Robinson

Michael Massey Robinson was born in 1744 in England. He worked as a lawyer, but was convicted of blackmail, as he had allegedly threatened to publish a poem he had written about a London alderman who had been accused in the past of a murder. Robinson was sentenced to transportation to New South Wales; however, […]