“Kookaburra”, author and poet

“Kookaburra” was an anonymous writer and poet who was often published in The Evelyn Observer, and Bourke East Record (Kangaroo Ground), and its later incarnations as The Eltham and Whittlesea Shires Advertiser and Diamond Creek Valley Advocate (Hurstbridge) and The Advertiser (Hurstbridge).

Poems and articles by “Kookaburra” appeared quite often in the newspaper, from 1916 to 1919, but then his contributions petered out, showing up only on rare occasions from 1920 to 1931 (although there was a run of several pieces in 1921, during May to August).

The works of this author were usually based around happenings in his local area, although he would also address events on the national and international stages as well.

From his writings, it is apparent that he was a dairy farmer (as evidenced in his poem “Kookaburra’s Rhymes”, published 14 March 1919). It is likely that he lived in the Eltham Shire (now Nillumbik Shire) or the Whittlesea Shire.

The real name of “Kookaburra” is unknown, although research into the publisher’s archives (if such files still exist) may yet reveal his true identity.

Selected poems:
Election Skits: Next Day [11 August 1916]
Election Skits [18 August 1916]
Election Skits: Notes on the events [1 September 1916]
A Village Blacksmith [22 September 1916]
Story of an Election Written Years Ago [3 November 1916]
A Conscription Meeting at Crossley [24 November 1916]
The Weather the Evergreen Topic [1 December 1916]
On the Banks of the Beautiful River [19 January 1917]
The Fusion Age [6 April 1917]
Our Member [13 April 1917]
Our Noble Sons [1 June 1917]
The Shire [8 March 1918]
Australia’s Flag [31 January 1919, song]
Kookaburra’s Rhymes [14 March 1919]
Noxious Weeds [9 January 1920]
Delusion [27 May 1921]
The Profiteers [12 August 1921]
Dinkum Oil [25 May 1923]
Skitlets [24 December 1925]
The Country’s Broke [24 October 1930]
Here and There [30 January 1931]

Selected articles:
Election Skits: Notes on the events [1 September 1916]
Daylight Saving! [9 October 1917]

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