John Dunmore Lang

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The Reverend John Dunmore Lang was born in Greenock, Scotland, on 25 August 1799. He came to Australia in May 1823. Lang was a leading figure in the Presbyterian Church, founded The Colonist newspaper, and was a Member of the Legislative Council in New South Wales. He died from a stroke on 8 August 1878.

Books by John Dunmore Lang:
[Books published during John Dunmore Lang’s lifetime, arranged by year of publication:]
1826: Aurora Australis; or, Specimens of Sacred Poetry for the Colonists of Australia
1834: An Historical and Statistical Account of New South Wales: Both as a Penal Settlement and as a British Colony, London: A. J. Valpy
1834: View of the Origin and Migrations of the Polynesian Nation; Demonstrating their Ancient Discovery and Progressive Settlement of the Continent of America, London: James Cochrane and Co.
1837: Transportation and Colonization; or, The Causes of the Comparative Failure of the Transportation System in the Australian Colonies: With Suggestions for Ensuring its Future Efficiency in Subserviency to Extensive Colonization, London: A. J. Valpy
1840: Religion and Education in America: With Notices of the State and Prospects of American Unitarianism, Popery, and African Colonization, London: Thomas Ward and Co.
1847: Phillipsland, or, The Country Hitherto Designated Port Phillip : Its Present Condition and Prospects, as a Highly Eligible Field for Emigration, [Edinburgh?]
1852: The Australian Emigrant’s Manual; or, A Guide to the Gold Colonies of New South Wales and Port Phillip, London: Patridge and Oakey
1861: Queensland, Australia; A Highly Eligible Field for Emigration, and the Future Cotton-Field of Great Britain: With a Disquisition on the Origin, Manners, and Customs of the Aborigines, London: Edward Stanford
1873: Poems: Sacred and Secular: Written Chiefly at Sea Within the Last Half Century, Sydney: William Maddock
1876?: Immigration; and the Scotch Mechanics of 1831: Being Chapter V. of a Work in Preparation, to be Entitled ‘Reminiscences of My Life and Times, Both in Church and State in Australia, for Upwards of Fifty Years Past’ [Sydney: Gibbs, Shallard, Printers] (pamphlet)
1877: Origin and Migrations of the Polynesian Nation: Demonstrating their Original Discovery and Progressive Settlement of the Continent of America (second edition), Sydney: George Robertson

[Published after John Dunmore Lang’s death:]
1972: Reminiscences of My Life and Times: Both in Church and State in Australia for Upwards of Fifty Years, Melbourne: Heinemann [edited by D. W. A. Baker; text taken from an unpublished manuscript by John Dunmore Lang]

Songs by John Dunmore Lang:
Australian Hymn [1873]
A hymn, originally published in 1826.

Articles about John Dunmore Lang:
City election [9 September 1851]
The Rev. John Lang talks about Australia as a future empire.

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