Agnes Neale

Agnes Neale, who wrote under the pen name of Caroline Agnes Leane, was an author and poet who lived in South Australia.

Neale was born on 5 January 1849 in Cornwall, England, and came to Australia with her family when she was three years old. She died on 22 September 1892 in Adelaide, South Australia.

Publications by Agnes Neale:
1879: Kathleen, Adelaide: J. H. Lewis (fiction)
1890: Shadows and Sunbeams, Adelaide: Burden & Bonython (poetry)

Selected poetry by Agnes Neale:
[Initials after a listing refer to the publication that the work was published in.]
Adelaide: A Song [SAS 1890]
Assist the Blind to Help Themselves [SAS 1890]
Australia [1888]
A Beautiful Thought [SAS 1890]
The Best Crown [SAS 1890]
The Blue Lake — Mount Gambier [1888]
Christ [SAS 1890]
Come unto Me [SAS 1890]
Died Drunk [SAS 1890]
The Ecstasy of Living [SAS 1890]
The Evening Star [SAS 1890]
Fame and Women [SAS 1890]
The First-born of Egypt [SAS 1890]
Forgiveness [SAS 1890]
Friends No Longer [SAS 1890]
General Gordon [SAS 1890]
Glory to God [SAS 1890]
Good-bye [SAS 1890]
Good-night [SAS 1890]
Harry, Boy [SAS 1890]
In Everything Give Thanks [SAS 1890]
In the Long Ago [SAS 1890]
I Thirst: A Song [SAS 1890]
I Will Pray for Thee: A Song [SAS 1890]
The Magpie’s Song [SAS 1890]
May Be [SAS 1890]
Minor Keys [SAS 1890]
My Cross [SAS 1890]
My Friend and I [SAS 1890]
My Lady and I [SAS 1890]
My Lessons [SAS 1890]
My Treasures [SAS 1890]
No God [SAS 1890]
One Year Old [SAS 1890]
Parted [SAS 1890]
The Poet and the Raindrop [SAS 1890]
Show Us the Father [SAS 1890]
The Sky is Blue [SAS 1890]
Some Grief has Touched [SAS 1890]
Song [SAS 1890]
A Song [SAS 1890]
Spring [SAS 1890]
Still my Darling [SAS 1890]
Tarry Ye Here [SAS 1890]
Tell Us Now [SAS 1890]
Underneath the Daisies [SAS 1890]
Unto you is Born a Saviour [SAS 1890]
Villanelle [SAS 1890]
We Wait for Light [SAS 1890]
What Have You Done? [SAS 1890]
What is Life? [SAS 1890]
What Manner of Men Ought We to Be? [SAS 1890]
What Might Have Been [SAS 1890]
With the Angels [SAS 1890]


  1. Jim Gara says:

    Caroline Agnes Neale was her real name. Agnes Neale is the pen name (she was my Great Great Aunt)

    • Terry Leane says:

      Hi Jim, would you please get in touch with me. I’m interested to discuss family history with you. Caroline A. Leane is my great-great-grand-aunt. Cheers!

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