The old soldier and the bushranger [28 August 1858]

[Editor: A story published in The Band of Hope Journal and Australian Home Companion, 28 August 1858.] The old soldier and the bushranger. Up the country was a store, which had been frequently robbed by bushrangers. At length the owner hired an old sergeant to take charge of it, who declared, with many ferocious asseverations, […]

The Wild Colonial Boy [song, 22 August 1913]

[Editor: An extract from the “On the Wallaby” column, published in The Northern Miner, 22 August 1913.] [The Wild Colonial Boy] We have often been asked, and several friends have asked us recently again, for the words of that one-time — long, long ago — most popular of all bush songs, “The Wild Colonial Boy.” […]

The Bold Jack Donohue [song, 29 August 1903]

[Editor: A song about Jack Donohue, the bushranger. Published in the Evening News, 29 August 1903.] The Bold Jack Donohue. To the Editor of the “Evening News.” Sir. — I see by this evening’s “News” your account of Bold Jack Donohoe, the Bushranger. A curious coincidence, yesterday being the anniversary of his death. I here […]

Donohue, the bushranger [22 August 1903]

[Editor: An article about Jack Donohue, the bushranger. Published in the Evening News, 22 August 1903.] Donohue, the bushranger. About seventy years ago, Donohue, an escaped convict, took to the bush, joined by Walmsley, Armstrong, and others, striking terror to all travellers and teamsters in the Penrith, Liverpool, Windsor, Richmond, and Kurrajong districts. At the […]

Settlement of Tasmania: Early bushrangers: Hostile Blacks [chapter 39 of “The story of Australia” by Martin Hambleton]

[Editor: This is chapter 39 of “The story of Australia” by Martin Hambleton. Published in The Sunday Mail, 24 March 1935.] The story of Australia — XXXIX Settlement of Tasmania Early bushrangers: Hostile Blacks Colonel David Collins, the first Governor of Tasmania, died suddenly in 1810, and three years elapsed before his successor, Colonel Thomas […]