Love’s Golden Flow [Love’s Golden Hour] [poem by Philip D. Lorimer, 24 February 1894]

[Editor: A poem by Philip Durham Lorimer; also published as “Love’s Golden Hour”. Published in The Windsor and Richmond Gazette, 24 February 1894.]

Love’s Golden Flow.

When drifting clouds in evening bar
The glory of the day,
And light sinks in that light afar —
A line of iron grey —
Then let the rest, re-dreaming dreams
Of hours that still have sun,
And know that on my heart there streams
Thy love for me, sweet one.

How oft, when lone my mem’ries rise
In calms to drink with thee
Love’s rippling flow —where still thine eyes
Leave all thy love for me;
Where in the sheen of life again
Thy numbers seem untold —
And brightest is that flowing, when
Love shines on it, as gold.

Philip D. Lorimer.

The Windsor and Richmond Gazette (Windsor, NSW), Saturday 24 February 1894, page 7

Also published as “Love’s Golden Hour” in:
The Warwick Argus (St. Lucia, Qld.), Tuesday 21 December 1897, page 7

Editor’s notes:
The version of this poem published in the The Windsor and Richmond Gazette (1894) has the line “And light sinks in that light afar”; whilst, in The Warwick Argus (1897) this is given as “And light sinks in that flood afar” (emphasis added).

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