While the Billy Boils [by Henry Lawson, 1896]

[Editor: This book of short stories by Henry Lawson was published in 1896.]

While the Billy Boils


Henry Lawson

Author of
When the World Was Wide.

With eight plates by Mahony.



An old mate of your father’s

Settling on the land

Enter Mitchell

Stiffner and Jim (thirdly, Bill)

When the sun went down

The man who forgot


A camp-fire yarn

His country — after all

A day on a selection

That there dog o’ mine

Going blind

Arvie Aspinall’s alarm clock


The union buries its dead

On the edge of a plain

In a dry season

He’d come back

Another of Mitchell’s plans for the future


Drifted back


The drover’s wife

Mitchell doesn’t believe in the sack

Shooting the moon

His father’s mate

An echo from the old bark school

The shearing of the cook’s dog

Dossing out and camping

Across the straits

Steelman’s pupil

An unfinished love story

Board and residence

His colonial oath

Some day

A visit of condolence

In a wet season


Mitchell: A character sketch

The bush undertaker

Our pipes

Coming across — a study in the steerage

The story of Malachi

Two dogs and a fence

Jones’s alley

Brummy Usen

Bogg of Geebung

She wouldn’t speak

The geological spieler

Macquarie’s mate

Baldy Thompson

For auld lang syne


They would talk of some old lead

They have been talking about her for three hours

Poured some water into the hollow

Mother, I won’t never go drovin’; blast me if I do!

Tenderly examining the seat of the trousers

I’m sorry, mum. I didn’t know

The inside dog generally starts it

His mate’s alive

Vignette (Swag, waterbag, billy, and ‘nosebag’)

Angus and Robertson
89 Castlereagh Street

Sixth thousand

Sydney: McCarron, Stewart & Co., Printers.

Henry Lawson, While the Billy Boils, Sydney: Angus and Robertson, 1896

Editor’s notes:
In some later editions, the story “The Drover’s Wife” was placed after “Across the Straits” (e.g. in the 1913 edition published by Angus and Robertson).

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