Preface [to Henry Lawson’s While the Billy Boils]

[Editor: This preface was published in Henry Lawson’s While the Billy Boils (1896).]


In the absence of the author, who is now resident in Western Australia, it devolves upon us to make the customary acknowledgements to the various journals from which these stories are reprinted. Most of them first appeared in the Sydney Bulletin, a number of them in the Sydney Worker, and others in the New Zealand Mail, the New Zealand Times, Sydney Truth, the Brisbane Boomerang, the Maryborough Patriot, and The Antipodean, while two are now published for the first time.

We might rightly be deemed ungrateful did we not take this opportunity of thanking the Press of Australia and New Zealand for the aid they have given us in our effort to publish here, and in a presentable form, the works of some of our living writers. Especially are our thanks due to the proprietors of the Sydney Bulletin who have in many ways assisted us.


Sydney, 14th August, 1896..

Henry Lawson, While the Billy Boils, Sydney: Angus and Robertson, 1896, page v

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