Alderman Harris: An Ultimo Ultimatum [poem, 6 July 1913]

[Editor: A poem regarding a member of a local council. Published in Truth (Sydney), 6 July 1913.] Alderman Harris. An Ultimo Ultimatum. A right good chip of a tough old block; A man with his father’s nerve. He takes his stand as firm as a rock, With neither flinch nor swerve. Son of a fighting […]

While the Billy Boils [by Henry Lawson, 1896]

[Editor: This book of short stories by Henry Lawson was published in 1896.] While the Billy Boils by Henry Lawson Author of When the World Was Wide. With eight plates by Mahony. Contents [Preface] An old mate of your father’s Settling on the land Enter Mitchell Stiffner and Jim (thirdly, Bill) When the sun went […]

Editorial manifestos [article by Jack Lindsay and P. R. Stephensen, August 1928]

[Editor: An article by Jack Lindsay and P. R. Stephensen. Published in The London Aphrodite, number one, August 1928.] Editorial manifestos (a) We stand for a point of view which equally outrages the modernist and the reactionary. It is certain that J. C. Squire and T.S. Eliot, Wyndham Lewis and Dean Inge, Humbert Wolfe and […]