Lost in the Mallee [poem by Charles Allan Sherard, 20 September 1884]

[Editor: A poem by Charles Allan Sherard. Published in The Australasian, 20 September 1884.] Lost in the Mallee. Fraught with flame, and clad in crimson, ride the heralds of the morn; While the sun-god jousts with darkness, at the tournament of dawn: And gleams of gauntlets glittering through lists of azure glance; And the golden-armoured […]

Song of the Stockman [song, 28 June 1884]

[Editor: This song was part of a story by Grosvenor Bunster, entitled “A Terrible Legacy: A Story of English and Australian Life”; in the narrative, the song is sung by Tom Grist, who attributes it to a tramp named “Frank the Poet”. Published in The Riverine Grazier, 28 June 1884.] Song of the Stockman When […]

The Australiad [poem by Mary Hannay Foott, 20 December 1884]

[Editor: A poem by Mary Hannay Foott.] The Australiad. An Epic For Young Australians. ’Twas brave De Quiros bent the knee before the King of Spain, And “Sire,” he said, “I bring thy ships in safety home again — From seas unsailed of mariner in all the days of yore — Where reefs and islets, […]

The Squatter’s Farewell [song, 1 November 1884]

[Editor: This song was published in The Queenslander, 1 November 1884. It was also included in Banjo Paterson’s collection, The Old Bush Songs (1905), under the title of “The Broken-Down Squatter”, with some variations.] The Squatter’s Farewell. A.D. 1885. Come, “Stumpy,” old man, we must shift while we can; All your mates in the paddock […]