[I Saw on a Rock] [poem, 1 December 1825]

[Editor: An untitled poem, published in The Australian, 1 December 1825.] Original Poetry. For the Australian. I saw on a rock, which the green wave was beating, A spirit of light from the realms of the blest; And void, as the wave rushing on and retreating, Was the soul of that beautiful spirit of rest. […]

Anniversary meeting [including a song by Michael Massey Robinson, 3 February 1825]

[Editor: A report on a celebratory dinner (held on Wednesday 26 January 1825) to commemorate the founding of the colony of New South Wales. Includes the list of toasts, and a song by Michael Massey Robinson. Published in The Australian, 3 February 1825. The song was also published in the Sydney Gazette, and New South […]

To J——. [poem, 10 February 1825]

[Editor: This song, written by a young woman, was of a personal nature, and therefore the name of the object of the verses, the person to whom the text was addressed, was not published, with the work being entitled “To J—”, instead of, for example, “To John”. The editor of the newspaper put in his […]