Australia for Australians: Why “white” Australia is not white [22 March 1908]

[Editor: This article was published in The Sun (Kalgoorlie, WA), 22 March 1908.] Australia for Australians Why “white” Australia is not white. Some reasons and an indictment. By “Albino.” Is the average native born Australian as white as he imagines himself to be? While declaiming over his pot about the shrieking transgressions of the unspeakable […]

The Little Brown Egotist [poem by W. T. Goodge, 14 June 1903]

[Editor: This poem by W. T. Goodge was published in Truth, 14 June 1903.] “The Little Brown Egotist” (Written for “Truth.”) [The Bellambi Coal Company entertained the officers of the Japanese Squadron at their mine on Thursday, and the manager, Mr. Waley, before the luncheon (there had to be a luncheon because there were several […]