Brunton Stephens [poem by George Essex Evans, 1 July 1902]

[Editor: A poem by George Essex Evans, in honour of the poet Brunton Stephens, who died on 29 June 1902. Published in The Brisbane Courier, 1 July 1902.] Brunton Stephens. The gentle heart that hated wrong, The courage that all ills withstood, The seeing eye, the mighty song That stirred us into Nationhood, Have passed. […]

Nation Builders [poem by George Essex Evans, 20 May 1898]

[Editor: A poem by George Essex Evans.] Nation Builders. A handful of workers seeking the star of a strong intent — A handful of heroes scattered to conquer a continent. — Thirst and fever and famine, drought, and ruin, and flood, And the bones that bleach on the sandhill, and the spears that redden with […]

Mick Dooley’s Pants [poem by George Essex Evans]

[Editor: This poem by George Essex Evans was published in The Bulletin Reciter, 1901.] Mick Dooley’s Pants. They brought a boy from Tallaran to run Mick Dooley’s tracks ; They yarded him the fastest blood among the station cracks ; With moles and shirt and sloucher hat and pipe with broken stem, He slung into […]

Eland’s River [poem by George Essex Evans, 3 August 1901]

[Editor: A poem by George Essex Evans about the Battle of Eland’s River (South Africa) in August 1900. Published in The Argus, 3 August 1901.] Eland’s River. 4th to 16th August, 1900. This engagement has been described by English officers as the most gallant fight of the whole war, and has been specially recommended by […]