Poems [by Menie Parkes, 1867]

[Editor: This book of poems by Menie Parkes was published in 1867. The book included three poems with the title “Hymn”; so as to distinguish them here from one another, their initial page numbers have been inserted in square brackets after each poem’s title in the contents list. The poem “At Night” was missing from the copy of the book used for this site; it will be added when another copy has been accessed.]


[My Dear Father (introductory section)]


At Night [missing]
For Ever
Our Gain
One Cruel Word
Good out of Evil
After Drought
Kindred Souls
One to be Loved
Hymn of Progress
’Tis Misconception All
My Father’s Work
Our Darling’s Lover
Is it Reason?
Question and Answer
Song of Hope
Discontent and Resignation
Unequal Love
Hymn for Good Friday
A Thunder Storm
Sorrow for Sin
The Departed
Am I God’s
A Man’s Heart
Judas Iscariot
Love’s Images
The Evening Hour
How My Love Died
A Woman’s Romance
There Shall Be No More Tears
My Bridal Robes
The Maiden’s Death-song
To Live or Die
You’d Love Me Then
Feed My Sheep
A Storm
Three Dreams
Cast Adrift
Strange Contrarieties
What the World was made for
The Whirl of Life
The Maiden’s Choice
Night and Morning
The Eye of God
You Passed Me By
Cloud Conjuring
A Dream
A Vindication
The Poet’s Death
Hymn [page 84]
Last Night
Too Late
Travelling in a Circle
Neither Cold nor Hot
Christ of Calvary
On a Fair Day
A Contrast
Despair and Hope
A Fragment
Hush! Thou Wild, Wild Sea
On My Birthday
A War Cry
All in All
Christ is All
Beneath the Surface
Hymn [page 115]
To My Heart
Alone and Bound
One Word
There’s Something in Religion
Hymn [page 123]

Printed for private circulation.

F. Cunninghame.


Page 12, verse 3, line 2, read “witnessed” for “witnesseth.”
,, 36 , ,, 1, ,, 1, ,, “hours” for “days.”
,, 36, ,, 3, ,, 2, ,, “summers” for “summer.”
,, 40, ,, 5, ,, 4 ,, “words” for “words’.”
,, 44, ,, 1, ,, 2, ,, “with me” for “with.”
,, 47, ,, 4, ,, 1, ,, “’tis” for “to.”
,, 55, last line, read “breaketh” for “breatheth.”
,, 58, verse 7, line 4, read “will not” for “will.”
,, 60, ,, 3, ,, 5, ,, “And” for “But.”
,, 74, ,, 4, ,, 2, ,, “gives” for “gave.”
,, 99, ,, 5, ,, 1, ,, “rushing” for “gushing.”
,, 103, last line, read “So” for “To.”
,, 104, line 13, read “bear” for “hear.”
,, 104, title, read “Thou wild” for “The wild.”
,, 117, verse 3, line 3, read “ready” for “read.”
,, 123, ,, 3, ,, 3, ,, “now” for “how.”

Menie Parkes, Poems, F. Cunninghame, Sydney, [1867]

Editor’s notes:
The introductory note and poems, that are the contents of this book, were a gift from Menie Parkes to her father, Henry Parkes, for Christmas in 1866. Her father was so pleased with her gift that he had her writings published as a book, for private circulation amongst family and friends; in a note to G. W. Allen in 1879, he described the book as “about the most precious thing I have to give anyone”.
[See: A. W. Martin (editor), Letters From Menie: Sir Henry Parkes and His Daughter, Carlton: Melbourne University Press, 1983, pages 63, 183]

[Editor: Corrected “Hush! The Wild, Wild Sea” to “Hush! Thou Wild, Wild Sea” (with regard to the “Errata” correction for the title of that poem on page 104); “To Hy Heart” to “To My Heart”.]

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