My Bridal Robes [poem by Menie Parkes]

[Editor: This poem by Menie Parkes was published in Poems (1867).]

My Bridal Robes.

My bridal robes are smooth and straight:
Untrimmed by fringe or flounce or plait,
They flow from neck to bare bleak feet,
Cool, soft, and sweet — oh, passing sweet! —
Too holy thought to breathe aloud,
My bridal robes — a white, white shroud!

My bridal flowers are pure and pale,
And from their pureness shall not fail;
Unopened rosebuds, lilies sweet,
And half-blown violets at my feet —
So robed, I to my Lord am led,
And those who know not call me dead.

My bridal morn shall burst through gloom
To day of more than earthly bloom,
And I shall meet my Bridegroom’s arms
Arrayed by Him in countless charms;
My heart o’er-charged with Love’s pure flame
In that sweet bridal with the Lamb.

Menie Parkes, Poems, F. Cunninghame, Sydney, [1867], pages 54-55

Editor’s notes:
Lamb = in a religious context, Jesus

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