To My Heart [poem by Menie Parkes]

[Editor: This poem by Menie Parkes was published in Poems (1867).]

To My Heart.

Hark! Heaven is waiting!
Your own pulse is still,
Ceasing its beating
To listen your will.

Against the God-Father
Will you declare?
Or will you not, rather,
Bow to Him there?

Oh, what need of waiting!
Christ’s heart is free;
There is love ready
Even for thee.

Too sinful for merit!
Black, black with despair
Ah, leap to His bosom —
Purity’s there!

Menie Parkes, Poems, F. Cunninghame, Sydney, [1867], page 117

[Editor: Corrected “read” to “ready”, with regard to the “Errata” corrections.]

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