Our Mayor [poem, 1 January 1921]

[Editor: This poem was published in the “Sun Rays of the Week” column, in The Newcastle Sun (Newcastle, NSW), 1 January 1921.]

Our Mayor

Here’s to the Mayor, with his wisdom and power,
Known to most of his people as Robert Kilgour;
Though some of the clan who his genius adore,
Prefer to address him as Robert Kilgore;
Whilst others, in turn, feel perfectly sure
That his name should be given as Robert Kilgoor.
Be that as it may, if he tackles his job
To our own satisfaction, we’ll say “Good old Bob.”

The Newcastle Sun (Newcastle, NSW), 1 January 1921, p. 4

Editor’s notes:
Bob = a common nickname for someone with the name “Robert”

Kilgour = Robert George Kilgour (1867-1938), mayor of Newcastle (NSW) for several terms (1915, 1918-1919, 1921, 1924, 1934)

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