Works by Henry Kendall

[Editor: This list contains various works by Henry Kendall (1839-1882); for biographical information click here.]

Books by Henry Kendall:
1862: Poems and Songs, Sydney: J. R. Clarke
1865: The Glen of the White Man’s Grave, Sydney: Hanson and Bennett [ca. 1865]
1866: The Bronze Trumpet: A Satirical Poem, Sydney: [publisher unknown]
1869: Leaves from Australian Forests, Melbourne: George Robertson
1880: Songs from the Mountains, Sydney: William Maddock [revised edition published in 1881]
1881: Orara: An Illustrated Poem, Melbourne: Art Union of Victoria
1886: Poems: The Poetical Works of Henry Kendall, Melbourne: George Robertson

Selected poetry by Henry Kendall:
Achan [PS 1862]
After Many Years [SFM 1880]
[After Parting] [LFAF 1869]
After the Hunt [LFAF 1869]
Aileen [PS 1862]
[Alfred Tennyson] [LFAF 1869]
Amongst the Roses [PS 1862]
Arakoon [LFAF 1869]
Araluen [LFAF 1869] (two different poems by Henry Kendall have the same name, “Araluen”)
Araluen [27 September 1879; SFM 1880]
At Dusk [LFAF 1869]
At Euroma [LFAF 1869]
[Attila] [LFAF 1869]
Australian War Song [20 August 1860]
The Ballad of Tanna [PS 1862]
The Barcoo [PS 1862]
Bellambi’s Maid [PS 1862]
Bell Birds [LFAF 1869]
Bells Beyond the Forest [PS 1862]
Beyond Kerguelen [SFM 1880]
Bill the Bullock Driver [SFM 1880]
Billy Vickers [SFM 1880]
Black Kate [SFM 1880]
Black Lizzie [SFM 1880]
Bob [SFM 1880]
The Bronze Trumpet: A Satirical Poem [1866]
[By a River] [LFAF 1869]
By the Cliffs of the Sea [SFM 1880]
By the Sea [LFAF 1869]
Campaspe [LFAF 1869]
Charles Harpur [LFAF 1869]
Christmas Creek [SFM 1880]
Clari [PS 1862]
Cleone [LFAF 1869]
Coogee [LFAF 1869]
Cooranbean [SFM 1880]
Cui Bono? [GWMG, 1865]
The Curlew Song [PS 1862]
The Curse of Mother Flood [SFM 1880]
Daniel Henry Deniehy [LFAF 1869]
[Dante and Virgil] [LFAF 1869]
Daphne [LFAF 1869]
A Death in the Bush [LFAF 1869]
[Dedication] [LFAF 1869]
Dedication: To a Mountain [SFM 1880]
Doubting [PS 1862]
Drowned at Sea [PS 1862]
Ella with the Shining Hair [PS 1862]
Ellen Ray [LFAF 1869]
Etheline [PS 1862]
Euroclydon [LFAF 1869]
Euterpe [LFAF 1869]
Evening Hymn [PS 1862]
Fainting by the Way [PS 1862]
Faith in God [LFAF 1869]
The Fate of the Explorers [PS 1862]
Footfalls [PS 1862]
Galatea [SFM 1880]
Geraldine [PS 1862]
Ghost Glen [LFAF 1869]
The Girl I Left Behind Me [PS 1862]
The Glen of Arrawatta [LFAF 1869]
[“The Glen of Arrawatta” is a different version of “The Glen of the White Man’s Grave”]
The Glen of the White Man’s Grave [GWMG, 1865]
God Help Our Men at Sea [PS 1862]
Harps We Love [PS 1862]
The Hut by the Black Swamp [LFAF 1869]
Hy-Brasil [SFM 1880]
A Hyde Park Larrikin [SFM 1880]
Illa Creek [LFAF 1869]
In Memory of John Fairfax [SFM 1880]
In the Depths of a Forest [PS 1862]
In the Valley [LFAF 1869]
Jim the Splitter [SFM 1880]
Kiama [PS 1862]
King Saul at Gilboa [LFAF 1869]
Kingsborough [SFM 1880]
Kooroora [PS 1862]
The Last of His Tribe [LFAF 1869]
[Laura] [LFAF 1869]
Leichhardt [SFM 1880]
Lilith [SFM 1880]
[A Living Poet] [LFAF 1869]
Lurline [PS 1862]
The Maid of Gerringong [PS 1862]
Mary Rivers [SFM 1880]
The Melbourne International Exhibition [SFM 1880]
Merope [LFAF 1869]
Mooni [SFM 1880]
Morning in the Bush [PS 1862]
Moss on a Wall [LFAF 1869]
Mountain Moss [LFAF 1869]
Mountains [PS 1862]
[A Mountain Spring] [LFAF 1869]
The Muse of Australia [PS 1862]
Names upon a Stone [SFM 1880]
Narrara Creek [SFM 1880]
Ogyges [LFAF 1869]
On a Cattle Track [LFAF 1869]
On a Spanish Cathedral [SFM 1880]
On the Paroo [LFAF 1869]
The Opossum Hunters [PS 1862]
Orara [SFM 1880]
Persia [SFM 1880]
Peter the Piccaninny [SFM 1880]
Prefatory Sonnets [LFAF 1869]
Pytheas [SFM 1880]
The Rain Comes Sobbing to the Door [PS 1862]
[Rest] [LFAF 1869]
[A Reward] [LFAF 1869]
The River and the Hill [PS 1862]
Rose Lorraine [LFAF 1869]
Rover [SFM 1880]
Safi [LFAF 1869]
September in Australia [LFAF 1869]
Sitting by the Fire [PS 1862] (two different poems by Henry Kendall have the same name, “Sitting by the Fire”)
Sitting by the Fire [LFAF 1869]
The Song of the Cattle Hunters [PS 1862]
A Spanish Love Song [LFAF 1869]
[The Stanza of Childe Harold] [LFAF 1869]
Stanzas [PS 1862]
The Sydney International Exhibition [SFM 1880]
Sunset [PS 1862]
Sutherland’s Grave [LFAF 1869]
Syrinx [LFAF 1869]
[To ———] [LFAF 1869]
To Charles Harpur [PS 1862]
To Damascus [LFAF 1869]
Twelve Sonnets [These twelve poems are listed under their individual titles in Leaves from Australian Forests (1869)]
Ulmarra [PS 1862]
Under the Figtree [PS 1862]
Urara [PS 1862]
The Voice in the Wild Oak [SFM 1880]
The Voyage of Telegonus [LFAF 1869]
The Wail in the Native Oak [PS 1862]
Waiting and Wishing [PS 1862]
The Warrigal [LFAF 1869]
Watching [PS 1862]
When Underneath the Brown Dead Grass [SFM 1880]
Wild Kangaroo [PS 1862]
Wollongong [PS 1862]

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