In the Depths of a Forest [poem by Henry Kendall]

[Editor: This poem by Henry Kendall was published in Poems and Songs (1862).]

In the Depths of a Forest.

In the depths of a Forest secluded and wild,
The night voices whisper in passionate numbers ;
And I’m leaning again, as I did when a child,
O’er the grave where my father so quietly slumbers.

The years have rolled by with a thundering sound
But I knew, O ye woodlands, affection would know it,
And the spot which I stand on is sanctified ground
By the love that I bear to him sleeping below it.

Oh ! well may the winds with a saddening moan
Go fitfully over the branches so dreary ;
And well may I kneel by the time-shattered stone,
And rejoice that a rest has been found for the weary.

Henry Kendall, Poems and Songs, J. R. Clarke, Sydney, 1862, page 102

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