Works of Banjo Paterson

This list contains various works by Andrew Barton (“Banjo”) Paterson (1864-1941), including articles, books, and poems; for biographical information click here.

Books by Banjo Paterson:
[Books published during Banjo Paterson’s lifetime, arranged by year of publication.]
[1889]: Australia for the Australians: A Political Pamphlet: Shewing the Necessity for Land Reform combined with Protection, Sydney: Gordon & Gotch (political pamphlet)
1895: The Man from Snowy River and Other Verses, Sydney: Angus and Robertson
1902: Rio Grande’s Last Race & Other Verses, Sydney: Angus and Robertson
1905: The Old Bush Songs, Melbourne: E. W. Cole (edited by Banjo Paterson)
1906: An Outback Marriage: A Story of Australian Life, Sydney: Angus and Robertson (novel)
1917: Saltbush Bill, J.P., Sydney: Angus and Robertson
1917: Three Elephant Power and Other Stories, Sydney: Angus and Robertson (short stories)
1921: Collected Verse, Containing ‘The Man from Snowy River’, ‘Rio Grande’, and ‘Saltbush Bill, J.P.’, Sydney: Angus and Robertson
1933: The Animals Noah Forgot, Sydney: Endeavour Press
1934: Happy Dispatches, Sydney: Angus and Robertson
1936: The Shearer’s Colt, Sydney: Angus and Robertson (novel)

Articles by Banjo Paterson:
In the days of the gold escorts [4 February 1939]
Preface [The Man from Snowy River and Other Verses, 1895]

Selected poetry by Banjo Paterson:
The All Right ’Un [MSR 1895]
The Amateur Rider [MSR 1895]
Ambition and Art [MSR 1895]
Been There Before [MSR 1895]
Black Swans [MSR 1895]
The Boss of the Admiral Lynch [MSR 1895]
A Bunch of Roses [MSR 1895]
A Bush Christening [MSR 1895]
A Bushman’s Song [MSR 1895]
Clancy of The Overflow [MSR 1895]
Come-by-Chance [MSR 1895]
Conroy’s Gap [MSR 1895]
The Daylight is Dying [MSR 1895]
Father Riley’s Horse [MSR 1895]
The Flying Gang [MSR 1895]
Fryingpan’s Theology [MSR 1895]
The Geebung Polo Club [MSR 1895]
How Gilbert Died [MSR 1895]
The Great Calamity [MSR 1895]
How McGinnis Went Missing [MSR 1895]
How the Favourite Beat Us [MSR 1895]
An Idyll of Dandaloo [MSR 1895]
In Defence of the Bush [MSR 1895]
In the Droving Days [MSR 1895]
Jim Carew [MSR 1895]
Johnson’s Antidote [MSR 1895]
Last Week [MSR 1895]
Lost [MSR 1895]
The Man from Ironbark [MSR 1895]
The Man from Snowy River [MSR 1895]
The Man Who Was Away [MSR 1895]
A Mountain Station [MSR 1895]
Old Pardon, the Son of Reprieve [MSR 1895]
On Kiley’s Run [MSR 1895]
Only a Jockey [MSR 1895]
The Open Steeplechase [MSR 1895]
Our New Horse [MSR 1895]
Over the Range [MSR 1895]
Prelude [MSR 1895]
Saltbush Bill [MSR 1895]
Shearing at Castlereagh [MSR 1895]
The Swagman’s Rest [MSR 1895]
Those Names [MSR 1895]
The Travelling Post Office [MSR 1895]
The Two Devines [MSR 1895]
Under the Shadow of Kiley’s Hill [MSR 1895]
A Voice from the Town [MSR 1895]
Waltzing Matilda [14 December 1901]
The Wind’s Message [MSR 1895]

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