“Australians Yet” [book review, 18 December 1913]

[Editor: A review of Australians Yet and Other Verses by Grant Hervey.]

“Australians Yet”

Grant Hervey is well known as a writer of verse. His writings are familiar to all readers of the weekly and monthly Australian periodicals. It was, therefore, to be expected that some day a collection of his work would be published in book form. This is now available under the title, “Australians Yet.”

Grant Hervey’s name is always welcome to the general reader. He has a breezy, not to say rollicking, style, and he rattles along in a free and easy way that shows how easy it is for him to turn off stories or sentiments in verse form.

Much of “Australians Yet” is suitable for recitation, and will, no doubt, be heard at many an evening “social,” in city and bush. A strong Australian spirit pervades it, and though Hervey is not a poet, he is a strong virile human being and writes as such.

The Barrier Miner (Broken Hill, NSW), Thursday 18 December 1913, page 3

[Editor: Corrected “many any” to “many an”.]

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