Unclasped [poem by Philip D. Lorimer, 21 December 1897]

[Editor: Poem by Philip Durham Lorimer.]


Uttered — and they fell,
Deep into sighing hearts,
Deadlier than poisoned darts,
Bringing their death knell.
Echoes through dark blue weeping eyes,
In painful silence, earth’s good-byes,
In evening’s gloaming hour.

Hush, and through dark shade
Two hearts are wandering now,
Riven o’er a broken vow,
In loved moments made.
When gladly o’er them, pale blue skies,
Were not shrouded with love’s good byes
So happy were the hours.

Dying — a pale hand
Open — still unclasped by love,
Is seen by mercy above —
Through Heaven’s command
Angels are closing those blue eyes —
Keeping for “him” — “her” last good byes —
Who died a fallen flower.

— Philip D. Lorimer.

The Warwick Argus (St. Lucia, Qld.), Tuesday 21 December 1897, page 7

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