Lines addressed to Miss ———, of V. D. Land [poem, 9 April 1828]

[Editor: A poem published in The Monitor, 9 April 1828.]

Lines addressed to Miss ———, of V. D. Land.

It was o’er the tall Pine, on the brow of the mountain,
The dew-drops distill’d from their crystalline fountain;
When the first tint of morning in purple hues flushing,
O’er Heav’ns arch’d canopy, radiantly blushing;
As her bosom expanded with sweets to be press’d,
The breeze of Aurora, the heath flower kiss’d;
And bore on its wings the rich odours that rose,
To the bright bed of Ocean, where the silver wave flows.

Queen of the cheerful smile! shall I meet thee
In the moss-grown cave wild, that looks o’er the sea?
Shall I press to my heart, thy sweet beauties yet dawning,
Which rival in lustre, the brightness of morning?
The blue face of the sky, when the sun beams are dancing,
Look not more serene, than thy bright blue eye glancing;
The wild honey’s sweetness ever dwells on thy lips,
Which the bee in his course fain would linger to sip!

Ah! no — the rude billows between us are dashing,
And a far-distant coast, these wild waves are washing
Where the maid of the South her bower has implanted,
And left me to mourn for the charms that enchanted.
No more I may see her, her lot may be brighter,
Other friends may be dear, other scenes may delight her;
Then “Peace to that heart tho’ another’s it be,
“And health to that cheek, tho’ it blooms not for me!”

Newcastle, March 25. H.

The Monitor (Sydney, NSW), 9 April 1828, p. 1086

Editor’s notes:
V. D. Land = Van Diemen’s Land (now known as Tasmania)

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