Back Again [poem by Louisa Lawson, 1 July 1904]

[Editor: A poem by Louisa Lawson.]

Back Again.

By Louisa Lawson.

Oh, my boy, come in, do.
You’ve come back at last,
Two years since we saw you,
How the time has passed !

Have a bath and shave first,
No — a cup of tea ?
Think you want a rest worst ?
Dear, oh deary me !

Look, boy, at your boots, too,
All cut with the rocks,
Have you brought home with you
Any mended socks

They are always tearing ?
Threw them all away ?
Alberts you are wearing ?
Goodness, what are they ?

Felt that you were coming,
So I wrote to Bob,
He says things are humming :
And you’ll get a job.

Now, dear, don’t come near me,
You’re all over dust,
Can you smoke ? Oh, dear me.
’Spose so if you must.

The Dawn (Sydney, NSW), Friday 1 July 1904, page 16

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