In Memoriam: The Late Peter Lalor [poem, 14 February 1889]

[Editor: A poem about Peter Lalor, who died on 9 February 1889. Published in Melbourne Punch, 14 February 1889.]

1889, The Late Peter Lalor

In Memoriam.

The Late Peter Lalor.

One more of the old race has gone
The grand old race of pioneers,
That, in these later, narrower years,
Uptower like trees of Lebanon.

On freedom’s side he took his stand
With those broad breasted Argonauts,
When in the air were greater thoughts,
And there were giants in the land.

He served the State with steady zeal,
Ever through ill-report and good;
And midst the war of factions stood
A bulwark to the commonweal.

Here where he no more travaileth,
Lie lightly, earth, upon his breast
Who now lies after strife at rest,
Stamped with the royal stamp of Death.

— V. J. D.

Melbourne Punch (Melbourne, Vic.), 14 February 1889, p. 97 (first page of that issue)

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