The bottle and the beauty [12 April 1864]

[Editor: A report on an amusing incident. Published in The Star (Ballarat), 12 April 1864.]

The bottle and the beauty.

— An amusing incident has formed the topic of conversation in Sandhurst the last few days. A certain gentleman, who shall be nameless, an attendant on a festive occasion at that well known hostelry the Shamrock Hotel, yielding to the convivial temptation afforded by the entertainment of the St Patrick’s Society, made such frequent bibulous offerings as to lose any clear perception of things in general.

His hilarity spent, his head heavy, the worthy gentleman sought the aid of the “sweet restorer,” and wended his way to his bachelor couch. Too fatigued, or too something else, to tolerate the trouble of undressing, he flung himself on his bed, and in a few moments was in the land of dreams.

Day broke, but still he slept like a top, when a pair of less heavy eyes looked from an adjacent bed and discovered him. A scream told the horror of the offended maiden on whose privacy the unconscious sleeper had intruded. Assistance soon came; the blushing, trembling fair was removed to another room; but the sleeper still slept, and was horrified to find, on awaking, that his befuddled faculties of the previous night had rendered him blind to the fact that he had intruded into a room where, of two beds, one was occupied by a female.

Bendigo Advertiser, 11th April.

The Star (Ballarat, Vic.), Tuesday 12 April 1864, page 2

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