On the Death of Two Infant Children [poem, 17 February 1842]

[Editor: Published in the Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser, 17 February 1842.] On the Death of Two Infant Children, the Second and Youngest Sons of A. C. Innis, Esq., of Lake Innis, Port Macquarie, Who Died a Few Days after Each Other. They “were lovely and pleasant in their lives and in their […]

Australianism [14 November 1842]

[Editor: This article attacks what it sees as the “bigotry” of Australianism. Published in The Sydney Morning Herald, 14 November 1842.] Australianism The love of country is a passion inherent in the breast of man, whether civilised or savage, whether born in the luxurious regions of the tropics, or amid the frosts and snows of […]