[His Comrades Will Never Forget] [poem, 1943]

[Editor: This poem was written in memory of Corporal E. W. Symons (known as “Sox”), of the 2/32 Australian Infantry Battalion, who was killed by a guard in an Italian prisoner of war camp, 20 May 1943. The authorship is unknown.] [His Comrades Will Never Forget] Never a day that went past but we’d welcome […]

Lovers [poem by “E” (Mary Fullerton), 1942]

[Editor: A poem by Mary E. Fullerton. Published in Moles Do So Little with Their Privacy: Poems (1942).] Lovers To be unloved brings sweet relief: The strong adoring eyes Play the eternal thief With the soul’s fit disguise. He will not sleep, and let be drawn The screen of thy soul’s ark; They keep, those […]

Inspiration [poem by “E” (Mary Fullerton), 1946]

[Editor: A poem by Mary E. Fullerton. Published in The Wonder and the Apple: More Poems (1946).] Inspiration There’s half a god in many a man, And Life is there to say — To give to his capacity The option of a day. Two beings to an enterprise — Oneself, and oneself’s god — One […]

Words [poem by Charles Harpur]

[Editor: A poem by Charles Harpur.] Words Words are deeds. The words we hear May revolutionize or rear A mighty state. The words we read May be a spiritual deed Excelling any fleshly one, As much as the celestial sun Transcends a bonfire, made to throw A light upon some raree-show. A simple proverb tagged […]

The Massacre of the Bards [poem by Mary Hannay Foott, 1885]

[Editor: A poem by Mary Hannay Foott. Published in Where the Pelican Builds and Other Poems (1885).] The Massacre of the Bards. The sunlight from the sky is swept, But, over Snowdon’s summit kept, One brand of cloud yet burns, By ghostly hands far out of sight, Held, glowing, in the even-light, As Fate still […]