The scheme opposed [1 April 1925]

[Editor: In 1925 the Aborigines’ Friends’ Association discussed the possibility of creating a separate state for Aborigines, but decided against it. The idea of a separate “black state” had been raised in the newspapers on previous occasions.] The scheme opposed. At a meeting of the Aborigines’ Friends’ Association, held yesterday, the question of the formation […]

The Black Australians [26 March 1925]

[Editor: Article reports on the proposal for a separate Aboriginal state in Australia.] The Black Australians New State movements appear to be popular just at present. A Royal Commission has just spent about nine months and a good many thousand pounds of the taxpayers’ money in travelling round and taking evidence on the desirableness or […]

An Aboriginal state [15 April 1926]

[Editor: This letter is from the “Notes & queries” column of the The Register.] An Aboriginal state From T. P. Bellchambers:— With regard to a black State for the aborigines, we were given to understand that there would be no attempt made to intermingle strange tribes, but that efforts for their preservation and possible advancement […]

Dying out: The Aborigines [14 March 1925]

[Editor: Article mentions the proposal for a separate Aboriginal state in Australia. Provides an example of the thinking of the time that the Australian Aborigines were “dying out”.] Dying out. The Aborigines. Adelaide, March 13. The rate at which aborigines are dying out is causing concern to a number of public-spirited South Australians. At a […]