The Yellow Wave [novel by Kenneth Mackay, 1895]

[Editor: This book by Kenneth Mackay was published in 1895. The novel, which includes a military invasion of Australia by Chinese troops (orchestrated by Russia), is set in a time when there were concerns over Russian military intentions towards Britain and the British Empire (including Australia).] The Yellow Wave A Romance of the Asiatic Invasion […]

Such is Life [novel by Tom Collins (Joseph Furphy), 1903]

[Editor: The novel Such is Life by Tom Collins (Joseph Furphy) is regarded as a classic book of Australian literature. A glossary has been provided to explain various words and phrases that may be unfamiliar to modern readers.] Such is Life Being certain extracts from the diary of Tom Collins Introduction Contents Chapter I Unemployed […]

The Australian Crisis [novel by C. H. Kirmess, 1909]

[Editor: This novel about a Japanese invasion of Australia was written by Charles H. Kirmess. The story was originally published as a serial in The Lone Hand (Sydney) from October 1908 to August 1909, under the title of “The Commonwealth Crisis”; it was then published in book form in 1909 as The Australian Crisis by […]