One Australian Girl [The Bulletin, 1 October 1903, re. Mary Gilmore]

[Editor: This article about Mary Gilmore was published in The Bulletin (Sydney, NSW), 1 October 1903. The first part is a review of Mary Gilmore’s poetry; the second part is about her life, written by Mary Gilmore (aside from the introductory paragraph), especially regarding her time spent in South America.] One Australian Girl. Mary Gilmore’s […]

[New Australia] [15 March 1893]

[Editor: This untitled item about the “New Australia” colonists is an extract from the “Notes of the Month” column, published in The Shearers’ and General Laborers’ Record (Newport, Vic.), 15 March 1893.] [New Australia] Have the New Australia parties who are about to emigrate to Paraguay taken the trouble to find out what the laws […]