Among the Aborigines: A Perth lady’s visit: Mrs. Daisy Bates eulogised [11 September 1921]

[Editor: An article on the work of Daisy Bates. Published in The Sunday Times, 11 September 1921.] Among the Aborigines A Perth lady’s visit Mrs. Daisy Bates eulogised By Miss C. L. Ruxton. [Recently Miss C. L. Ruxton, of Government House, Perth, paid a visit to Mrs. Daisy Bates and the native camps at Ooldea […]

Liquor for half-castes [7 August 1936]

Liquor for half-castes. Concern at Exemption Ordinance Adelaide, Aug. 6.— A recent ordinance of the Federal Government allowing certain half-caste aborigines in Northern Australia to purchase intoxicating liquor was discussed today at a meeting of the Aborigines’ Friends’ Association. A resolution was adopted expressing grave concern regarding the removal of the restrictions against half-castes and […]

Breeding out of half-castes: Doctor’s plea [24 March 1934]

Breeding out of half-castes Doctor’s plea Perth, March 23. In evidence given before the Royal Commissioner on Aborigines (Mr. H. D. Moseley) to-day, Dr. Cyril Bryan urged the scientific breeding-out of black blood from half-castes by marrying them to people with a greater proportion of white blood. “The half-caste is scorned by both white and […]

Aboriginal songs and words [16 May 1896]

[Editor: A letter published in the The Australian Town and Country Journal which included two Aboriginal songs; these songs were also published in Banjo Paterson’s collection, The Old Bush Songs (1905).] Aboriginal songs and words (By S. M. Mowle.) I am in accord with writers in the daily press that it is to be regretted […]

Australian Aborigines

[The report of the Board for the Protection of the Aborigines] [11 January 1888] This article is an example of the thinking of the time that the Australian Aborigines were a dying race, saying that “the aboriginal race is doomed, and is fated to disappear entirely within a few years”. Mr. Campbell and the Blacks […]