Song, for the Commemoration Dinner, January 26, 1820 [song by Michael Massey Robinson, 5 February 1820]

[Editor: A song, by Michael Massey Robinson, written for the anniversary of the founding of the colony of New South Wales. Published in The Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser, 5 February 1820.]

[Song, for the Commemoration Dinner, January 26, 1820]

We regret, that by an unforeseen circumstance, we had not the pleasure of introducing to our Readers the following Song, which was given with great effect by the Author on the last Anniversary of the Commemoration of the Establishment of this Colony, held at Hankinson’s Rooms in George street, the 26th ult. and which our Readers will perceive is the production of no common pen.


For the commemoration dinner, January 26, 1820.

Presented by Mr. Robinson.

Alive to the strain that gay fancy inspires,
We cherish its impulse, and glow with its fires;
Whilst wit, mirth, and harmony, blended together,
Resound with the toast, Boys — “OLD ENGLAND FOR EVER!”

AUSTRALIA! in tracing thy triumph of years,
The source of this festival brighter appears, —
Where the harvest of mercy has blessed the endeavour,
Let gratitude echo, “OUR KING, BOYS, FOR EVER!”

To the Scions of Brunswick’s illustrious Line,
Let the goblets, surcharg’d, flow with rivers of wine;
Whilst the toast we select still enhances its flavour,
And hallows the cup, “THE PRINCE REGENT FOR EVER”

To sanction our birth-rights — a Briton’s first boast,
May the sun-shine of loyalty brighten our coast ;
And health, peace, and plenty, in union together,
High swell the full chorus — “AUSTRALIA FOR EVER!”

To her CHIEF, whose paternal and patriot hand
Diffuses prosperity’s smile thro’ the land,
Let this toast be reserv’d, which no party will sever,
For it springs from one feeling — “MACQUARIE FOR EVER!”

The Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser (Sydney, NSW), Saturday 5 February 1820, page 3

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