On the Track [by Henry Lawson, 1900]

[Editor: This book of short stories by Henry Lawson was published in 1900.]

Front cover of the 1903 paperback edition

Front cover of the 1903 paperback edition

On the Track


Henry Lawson

Author of
“While the Billy Boils,” and “When the World Was Wide”



The Songs They used to Sing

A Vision of Sandy Blight

Andy Page’s Rival

The Iron-Bark Chip

“Middleton’s Peter”

The Mystery of Dave Regan

Mitchell on Matrimony

Mitchell on Women

No Place for a Woman

Mitchell’s Jobs

Bill, the Ventriloquial Rooster

Bush Cats

Meeting Old Mates

Two Larrikins

Mr. Smellingscheck

A Rough Shed

Payable Gold

An Oversight of Steelman’s

How Steelman told his Story

Angus and Robertson
89 Castlereagh Street

Websdale, Shoosmith and Co., Printers,
117 Clarence Street, Sydney.

Henry Lawson, On the Track, Sydney: Angus and Robertson, 1900

Editor’s notes:
The preface was not included in the contents list.
The chapter title “A Rough Shed” is given in quotation marks in the body of the book (page 128), but not in the contents list.
“Bush Cats” and “The Mystery of Dave Regan” were previously published in Short Stories in Prose and Verse (1894).

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