Ode to the Wattle Blossom [poem, 27 September 1889]

Ode to the Wattle Blossom.

Hail! thou bloom of lovely spring,
Golden emblem of delight,
Entrancing thoughts around thee cling,
Closing Austral’s winter night.

Sweetest odour thou dost bear,
Joys thou always bring’st to me,
Hope-inspiring seems the air,
Redolent of breaths from thee.

Growth of plain or sloping hillside,
Or of valley, nurtured fair,
Wheresoe’er thou art is springtide —
God in Nature — He is there !

Thoughts of beauty crowd around thee,
Newborn season sings its lay,
Seems a prospect opened to me
Of that brighter, happier day,

When, in place of cloud and sorrow,
Intermingled smiles and tears,
Shall succeed that grand to-morrow
Bright as face that Nature wears.

Hail, then ! emblem of our spring,
Charming blossom, perfumed fair !
For the gladsome thoughts you bring
Thousand welcomes greet you here.

W. A. L.

The South Australian Register (Adelaide, SA), Friday 27 September 1889, page 3

Also published (with some minor changes) in:
The Register (Adelaide, SA), Thursday 1 September 1910, page 5

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