[News items] [10 January 1829]

[Editor: Extracts from the news section of the The Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser of 10 January 1829, including news on the coming celebration to commemorate the founding of the colony, two “bushranger” children, and deaths from whooping cough.]

[News items]

The Anniversary of the Foundation of the Colony will be commemorated by the usual Dinner, at Cummings’ hotel on the 26th instant. A Dinner, we understand, will also be given to celebrate “Australia’s Birth-day,” at the London Tavern, in George-street.

Two twelve-year old bushrangers were apprehended by a constable on Wednesday night, and brought before the Police on the following morning to be dealt with. It appeared that the urchins absconded from the Carters’ Barracks, and its flesh pots, to subsist on oysters and whatever else chance and a roving life may present, and had remained at large for several days before they were apprehended. They were sentenced to corporal punishment and solitary confinement.

We are sorry to learn that the hooping cough has been committing its dreadful ravages at Port Stephens. A child of Mr. Armstrong’s, the Company’s Surveyor, was carried off a few days ago; and what makes the bereavement peculiarly melancholy, a young daughter of Mr. Oakes, of Parramatta, being on a visit to Mrs Armstrong, her sister, was also attacked by the dreadful malady, and soon followed her little relative to the world of spirits. Her remains have been conveyed, in a leaden coffin, to Parramatta, that the bereaved parents might have the mournful satisfaction of deposing them in the family vault.

The Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser (Sydney, NSW) Saturday 10 January 1829, page 3

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