Lines Written at “Lake Farm,” Port Macquarie, the Property of A. C. Innes, Esq. [poem, 11 January 1831]

[Editor: A poem published in the Sydney Gazette, 11 January 1831.]


Written at “Lake Farm,” Port Macquarie,

The Property of A. C. Innes, Esq.

Fast fades the day; — but in the ruddy west
The red-eyed sun still glares upon the world,
Gilding the surface of yon lake’s smooth breast,
Where the dark swans, with ebon wings unfurl’d,
And plumage glancing in the sun’s bright beam,
Pass like presiding spirits o’er its stream.

How, like some vision of the painter’s brain,
The glowing landscape opens to the eye:—
Mountain and wood, and lake and grassy plain,
The dim seen ocean, the surrounding sky,
Blended in beauty, ’mid the fading light
Steal o’er the soul and captivate the sight.

So calm the scene, that scarce a passing breeze
Crisps the cool waters of the limpid lake,
And scarce a sound, save of the leafy trees,
Whose waving boughs a lulling murmur make,
That ’mid the thoughtful stillness of the scene,
Comes like a sister’s voice, so soothing and serene.

The day is done! and the grey twilight sails
With noiseless wing athwart the fading view,
Enveloping the mountains, woods, and vales,
With the soft tinge of evening’s shadowy hue;
While, like thick phantoms gathering from the grave,
The rising vapours cloak the lake’s chill wave.

G. J. M.

Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser (Sydney, NSW), 11 January 1831, p. 4

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