Gawler prize music [5 November 1859]

[Editor: Carl Linger wrote the winning music for the 1859 “Song of Australia” competition to find an Australian patriotic song.]

Gawler Prize Music.—

The Judges who had undertaken to decide upon the music set to the “Song of Australia” met yesterday, and, after due examination, agreed to the following report : —

“The Judges appointed to award the prize for the best musical composition set to the words of the prize song, entitled ‘The Song of Australia,’ met on Friday, the 4th November— present, Messrs. Dutton, Ewing, Chinner, and Holden. Twenty-three compositions were examined, and the prize was unanimously awarded to the composition bearing the motto ‘One of the Quantity.’ Those bearing the mottoes ‘Long Live our Gracious Queen,’ ‘Garibaldi,’ and ‘Con Amore’ so nearly equalled the prize composition in merit that the Judges had great difficulty in coming to a decision.
“Francis S. Dutton.
“A. Ewing.
“Geo. W. Chinner.
“Wm. Holden.”

Immediately upon receiving this report we telegraphed to the Secretary of the Gawler Institute to ascertain the name of the successful competitor, and we find from his reply that the composer who has thus distinguished himself is Mr. Carl Linger.

South Australian Register (Adelaide, SA), Saturday 5 November 1859, page 2

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