[Friendly Admonition; Native Habits] [poems, 6 November 1808]

[Editor: Two early poems. No authorship is given, although the first poem is signed “S”. The second poem includes an early usage of the word “Australasia”. Published in The Sydney Gazette, and New South Wales Advertiser, 6 November 1808.]

[Friendly Admonition; Native Habits]

Friendly Admonition. — In Epigram.
Received from Parramatta Six Weeks ago.

Says William to Harry, and seem’d rather sad,
I think our friend Thomas has lately run mad;
He says that his Muse so prolific has grown,
He can write enough Verses to furnish the Town:
Then crav’d my advice to what use he could turn ’em:
I said as I thought — it was better to burn ’em. S.

Another, on the subject of Native Habits. — Epistolary.

“Mr. Printer,”
“Your sage Correspondent affects to describe,
“The Habits that grace Australasia’s Black Tribe;
“But if Habit means Dress, you’ll permit me to call
“The Dress of Her Natives — No Habit at all.”

The Sydney Gazette, and New South Wales Advertiser (Sydney, NSW), Sunday 6 November 1808, page 2

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