Barak’s Requiem [poem, 13 September 1930]

Barak’s Requiem

Mr. J. Taylor (president of the Healesville A.N.A.) has received the following beautiful poem on William Barak, aboriginal king of the Yarra Yarra tribe, whose grave is in the cemetery at Coranderrk:—

The wind in the trees,
The birds on the wing,
The rain as it falls,
Sad tidings they bring —
Barak is gone — is gone.

The screech of the night-birds,
The mopoke’s weird cry,
The blast of the storm,
No moon in the sky;
Barak is gone — is gone.

Last chief of thy tribe,
Man greatly beloved,
Respected by all,
True servant of God,
Barak is gone — is gone.

All nature doth mourn,
The old Chief has passed,
His sorrows and griefs
Are things of the past.
Barak is home — is home.

When wattles did bloom
(As Barak foretold),
His soul took it’s flight,
To be with his God.
Barak is home — is home.

Gone to his home beyond the skies,
Gone to his Father — God;
Where all is peace and happiness,
No dread of usurper’s rod.
Barak is home — is home.

Dear black brother, adieu, adieu!
We’ll meet in heaven above,
To dwell with Christ for evermore,
The source of light and love.
Barak is home — is home.

— Sylva.

The Healesville and Yarra Glen Guardian (Healesville, Vic.), Saturday 13 September 1930, page 2

Editor’s notes:
A.N.A. = Australian Natives’ Association
Coranderrk = the Coranderrk Aboriginal Cemetery, located south of Healesville (Victoria)

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