Australianism urged [28 July 1943]

Australianism urged

“The Parliamentary foundation in this country should rest on an Australian basis,” said the Minister for Supply and Shipping, Mr. Beasley, last night. “Men instilled to the finger-tips with the Australian outlook are badly needed not only in Parliament, but in all walks of life.”

He was speaking at a complimentary dinner to Mr. R. A. Triggs, newly-elected general secretary of the Federated Municipal and Shire Councils Employees’ Union.

Trade unions had already exercised a strong and lasting beneficial influence in the work of Parliament, said Mr. Beasley. This influence had been essentially Australian. It should extend still further afield into the economic sphere, and show its power to play a leading part in post-war reconstruction.

The Sydney Morning Herald (Sydney, NSW), Wednesday 28 July 1943, page 8

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