Australianism [by John Fisher]

[Editor: This booklet by John Fisher lays out his socialist outlook on economic and social issues, advocating a co-operative economy, and critiquing capitalism, orthodox socialism, and trade unions. The booklet was entitled on its front cover as “Australianism: New Way of Life through Co-operation”. Whilst this publication is entitled “Australianism”, it is not about cultural Australianism. No publication date was included, although the relevant National Library of Australia catalogue entry says that it was published in 1954.]

John Fisher, Australianism, front cover, 450h


By A. J. Fisher

A revolutionary document showing that all human activity throughout history is subject to simple natural laws which can be applied by all in reforming human society.

The Theory of Revolution
The Law of Human Nature
The Adventurous Personality
Table I
The Law of Human Activity
The Law of Economics
Table II
Sectional Thinking
Table III
The Land
Practical Revolution
The New World

John Fisher, Australianism, self-published: Harcourt Gardens (SA), [1954]

Editor’s notes:
The Foreword was not included in the list of contents, but has been included here, to enable ease of access.

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