Foreward [Australianism, by John Fisher]

[Editor: This is the Foreword from Australianism (1954) by John Fisher.]


Capitalism, Communism, and “Socialization” policies stand condemned for their blind faith in “competition” and the “profit-motive”. “Australianism” emphasizes the mystery of human wisdom, its importance as the source and aim of progress, and also the fact that all human activity takes place in order to satisfy, ultimately, the needs of the individual.

The author’s background and education are urban and industrial, and for a number of years he has worked at many vocations, patiently observing humanity, and seeking a philosopher’s insight in the daily problems of human nature.

He has lived the life of the practical worker, inventor, adventurer, creative artist, and suburban commuter, and has detected a deep spiritual frustration throughout the community. Its suggested cure is twofold. A spiritual remedy can liberate the individual from an enslaving materialistic conception of human happiness, while an economic cure shows the correct utilisation of the soil to be the key to social reform. The reader is advised against hastily condemning the author for a rural bias, for he has drunk deeper than most the many joys of living in a scientific age, and desires merely to bring these joys more completely within the compass of everyday life.

John Fisher, Australianism, self-published: Harcourt Gardens (SA), [1954], page 1

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